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Professor Lis Howell, Senior Lecturer in Journalism, City University London

Professor Lis Howell has worked in the journalism department at City University for 15 years and is both Director of Postgraduate Studies and Director of Broadcasting. She researches the number of expert women on TV and radio flagship news, and regularly announces data. She has a strong relationship with the BBC through former students and current contacts, and worked there in local radio in the 1970s. Her notable broadcasting experience was as the first women news editor in ITV, winning an RTS award for the coverage of the Lockerbie disaster at ITV Border; the first managing editor at Sky News where she was a producer in the first Gulf War; co-founder of the Sky channel Living; and senior vice president at Flextech Television, heading up programming for four channels. She has often been on BBC Radio 4’s “The Media Show”, principally to discuss the BBC.

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