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Jane Humphreys, Head of Spectrum Policy, Department for Culture, Media and Sport

Jane brings experience of working with users of spectrum spanning more than 25 years to her current role. Her 4 years at Oftel were in the early days of competition between Vodafone and Cellnet and culminated in 1989 with the beauty contest to select new 2G operators at 1800MHz.After periods working on financial services and the DTI’s services in the regions and overseas, she became Deputy Director of the 3G Auction Team based at the Radiocommunications Agency. With the licences successfully granted and paid for, she returned to DTI to lead the broadcasting team and specifically digital TV switchover. She became Head of Spectrum Policy in March 2012, in time to play an active role in the 4G auction. Her focus now is on the UK Spectrum Strategy, developing a holistic approach to the use of spectrum to the mid 2020s and beyond.

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